Kenya Election

2017 Election Petition – What You Need to Know about the ICT Experts Report

On August 29th, 2017, as part of the petition challenging the credibility of the presidential election, the Supreme Court of Kenya ordered the IEBC to allow scrutiny of its  servers[See Order  A].  This  order was meant to facilitate an investigation of the integrity  of the IEBC systems that were used to transmit and receive results. Overall, the scrutiny results indicate whether the systems may have been compromised and whether they met legal standards for the conduct of elections.
This report shows that IEBC’s non-compliance with the order scrutiny of its ICT was extensive and prevented the court from examining what happened on IEBC networks, servers, and equipment in a pattern that looks like obstruction.

This report has been written without access to the annexures of the ICT Experts’  report.