Citizen Perception Survey – Elections Findings

The Africa Centre for Open Governance in partnership with Kenyans for Peace with Truth and Justice commissioned Infotrak Research and Consulting to conduct a citizen perception survey on select independent commissions, institutions and the three arms of government in the discharge of their duties with transparency, accountability and integrity. The Survey looks at public perceptions in various thematic areas including: elections, constitutional implementation and role of civil society.

Some of the key findings from this section on elections include the following:

  • 1. A majority (63.3%) of adult Kenyans are willing to participate in future elections. However, 36.7% of eligible voters are not willing to participate or are uncertain of their participation in future elections .
  • 2. There is divided opinion on the impartiality of the IEBC and fairness of 2017 general elections. However, nearly half (48.8%) of the respondents agreed that IEBC needs to be reconstituted. A majority (50.8%) of the respondents were of the opinion that IEBC did not allocate adequate time for the recent Mass Voter Registration exercise.
  • 3. A majority (80.5%) of Kenyans agree that persons with questionable character should be barred from holding elective and appointive public offices.
  • 4. An overwhelming (92%) majority are aware of the ongoing electoral reform talks. About two thirds (66.4%) of Kenyans support the resignation of the current IEBC commissioners.
  • 5. Slightly more than a third (35.1%) of Kenyans, think the 2017 general elections could be marred by violence.
  • 6. A majority (76%) of Kenyans have not heard or read any statements that were intended to make them feel negative about people from other ethnic/religious communities. However, close to a third (31.3%) of the respondents affirmed to have heard or read statements that were intended to make people feel negative about persons from their respective ethnic/religious communities


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