Citizen perception survey on the Direction of the Country & Corruption

The Africa Centre for Open Governance in partnership with Kenyans for Peace with Truth and Justice commissioned Infotrak Research and Consulting to conduct a citizen perception survey on select independent commissions, institutions and the three arms of government in the discharge of their duties with transparency, accountability and integrity. The Survey looks at public perceptions in various thematic areas including: elections, constitutional implementation and role of civil society.

Some of the key findings from this section on the direction of the country and corruption include the following:

  • 1. Majority of Kenyans ; 58.2% feel the country is generally headed in the wrong direction
  • 2. 2% of Kenyans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction politically. While 55% feel the country is going in the wrong direction economically.
  • 3. Majority of Kenyans;55% feel think that the government is responsible for the country going in the wrong direction with Nyanza recording the highest  incidences of 70.5% followed by Nairobi  at 60%, Coast at 58%  and Western  and Rift Valley at 55% respectively. The two regions that laid the least blame on the government  were Eastern at 48% , North Eastern at 46% , Central at 43%
  • 4. The three topmost issues that Kenyans want the Jubilee government to work on are: The Economy; 65%, Corruption ; 53% & Insecurity; 39%.
  • 5. Majority of Kenyans; 73% feel that the level of corruption has increased over the past year
  • 6. Corruption is perceived to most prevalent in the Police, County governments and national government ministries

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