This is the backbone of AfriCOG’s work. For the plan period, AfriCOG will reinforce its research capacities through progressive development of its pool of researchers, research collaborations and products. The emphasis on policy relevance underscores the applied nature of the research that AfriCOG will undertake.

The choice of research subjects will be determined by:-

  1. Relevance to strategic priorities.
  2. Potential synergy with other anti-corruption programmes and activities undertaken by state and non-state actors.
  3. Usability of results in on-going reform efforts.
  4. Ability to provide insight into structural causes of corruption and bad governance.
  5. Relationship with a neglected but critical anti-corruption priority such as whistle-blower protection and freedom of information.
  6. Ability to address equity e.g. with regard to gender, ethnicity, regions etc.